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Radon Protection Methods

The Building Regulations (NI) 1994 and the proposed amendments to the regulations in England and Wales are based on the Report 211 by the BRE "Radon: guidance on protective measures for new dwellings" (BRE, 1991). This report suggested how to protect new dwellings from the entry of radon gas. All publications in the UK find their origins within this document. It is not therefore surprising that all proposed construction methods are similar in nature although they may differ in detail. Since the BRE Report 211 was published in 1991 a number of detailed designs have been considered, revised and rejected. The latest proposed amendments to the BRE Report 211 (BRE, 1997) have widened the number of possible solutions in graphical format but are general in nature. This deficiency in detail is covered by descriptive requirements for each part of construction. It is when these descriptive requirements are incorporated into the graphical format of a detailed drawing that problems between the two become evident.

The author will discuss each part of the descriptive requirements in detail highlighting the problems that may be encountered on the drawing board and therefore on the building site.


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